High Resolution DSLR Photography

Standard for all my listings, I shoot most of my listing's photographs with a Nikon D7100 DSLR camera. Taking my own photos saves sellers hundreds of dollars on hiring a professional real estate photographer.


Drone Photography & Video

For qualified properties I offer aerial photography and video service. 


Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A pre-listing home inspection may be included in your compensation option if your property qualifies for this service. If so, the inspection will be completed by a vetted, licensed Wisconsin home inspector. An inspection could make sellers aware of any potential defects and gives them the opportunity to correct those defects, if so chosen, long before buyers have their own inspections completed. Supplying potential buyers with an inspection report and any corrections made offers them peace-of-mind and could eliminate future problems in the transaction. It may also help expedite the sale of the property or the need for a home inspection from potential buyers altogether.


Floor Plans

Buyers often appreciate being able to see the layout of a house from an overhead perspective. Professionally drawn floor plans typically cost about 1 to 2 dollars per square foot depending on the what that professional decides to charge for his or her service. I offer FREE professionally drawn floor plans drawn by Dennis Schultz, an architectural designer with over 25 years experience. Samples of his work will be presented in Part 2 of our consultation for your consideration.


Free Seller Home Warranty

The more peace-of-mind we can provide potential buyers, the faster and easier your listing will sell. I offer a FREE one-year home warranty provided by HSA. More information and a sample contract will be provided at Part 2 of our consultation for your consideration. 


Property Video

Coming Soon! In the near future I will be offering cinematic video! This is just one more additional service I’ll be offering to qualified properties.